Macro, Fiscal, Inflation

Pandemic Crisis: Employment Effects
Implications of Pandemic & Economic Crisis
Macroeconomics of Crisis
Budget 2017-18 in perspective
 GDP 2016-17 and 2017-18: Forecasts & CSO est
Monetary Policy (8/2/17)
Growth, Inflation and Monetary Policy: 2016-17

Income Tax Reform II: A feasible Negative Income Tax/Net Income Transfer (NIT)
Income Tax Reform I: A Benchmark Flat Tax cum Transfer System
Black Money and Demonetization
GST: Some Questions
Brexit, Monetary Policy and RBI
GDP Puzzle II: 2015-16

Economic Growth and Macro Stability: Budget 2016-17
Budget 2016-17: Macro Highlights
Economic Survey 2015-16: Some issues
Economy at mid-year 2015-16

An Ideal MPC for India
Indian Economic Growth Post-GFC
World Excess Capacity Slows Corporate Recovery
Real Gdp, Interest & Exchange rates in a Dual Economy
Inflation and Monetary policy: 2015-16

Economic Reforms in Budget 2015-16
Budget 2015-16: What to Expect
Budget 2015-16: Some suggestions
 Current Economic Situation (12/1/2015)
Where is the Indian Economy Headed( 25/8/14)
Q & A on Indian Economy(13/8/14)

Maiden Budget of FM Arun Jaitley
Econoimc Challenges Facing New Govt
 National Value Added Tax: NATVAT

Macro Stability: Budget Priority 2014
Growth, Exchange Rate & Expectations
Monetary Policy and Financial Reform: RBI under Raghu
Monetary Policy and RBI: Q&A

What Can Govt/RBI Do Now?
Managing Indian Macro: The Pivot-Twist
Fixing India's Current Account Deficit 
Macro Pivot: The Rebalancing of The Indian Economy 

National Value Added Tax: NATVAT
The 2012-13 Budget
Budget Expectations, Benchmarks and Policy

Macro Q&A, August 2018
The Paradox of Fiscal Tightening India Budget Q & A 
 Reform Budget Promised Reforms have Fructified,

Indian budget 2005-6,
Economics and Politics of Budget;
Use of Foreign Exchange Reserves and Infrastructure creation,
Inflation and the way out,
Kelkar Committee task force report.on FRBM, 

Economic reforms in the budget,
Exaggerated fears exaggerated hopes,
Budget for masses
Budget, Policy Reform and Growth,
Pre-budget ruminations 2004-5,
The 2003-04 budget, Interim budget, vote-on-account 2Interim budget: Vote-on-account for 2004-5,
Has interim budget achieved anything?

Exports as Engine of Growth
Fiscal deficit and the Quality of Government.Expenditure
Demand Recession and Industrial policy
Macroeconomic Transition: From Supply to Demand Cycles
Inflation and Import Liberalisation

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